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Adapted from a post I made on my old blog in January, 2014, about the first few workshops being planned.

I’ve been an advocate of diversity in IT for a long time. I’m very pleased to work in a company that has an above average ratio of female to male employees, as well as very diverse cultural backgrounds amongst our staff. In most tech communities, diversity is pretty low. It’s why organizations like RailsBridge and Women Who Code and numerous others exist. The lack of diversity hurts us all because a homogeneous community doesn’t have diversity of thought either: diverse teams outperform homogeneous teams.

Some Thoughts on Java 8

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Originally posted on Google Plus on June 14th, 2014.

Why Java 8 might win me back…

I first started doing Java development in 1997. I was pretty invested in this “new” technology after being initially skeptical with my strong C++ background. I even wrote an editorial in a C++ journal about “the new kid on the block”, casting aspersions as to whether it had what it would take to become popular. Over time, Java became the juggernaut of corporate development and I actually found it quite refreshing after C++’s somewhat obtuse syntax and complexities: Java was a simple language by comparison, with a well-structured, modular library.

At least, it started out that way.

Getting Started

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Sometimes it’s very enlightening to look back at the beginning of a project to see how things got set up and how we started down the path that led to where we are today. In this post, I’m going to talk about the first ten tickets we created at World Singles as we kicked off our green field rewrite project five years ago.